Addiction Treatment Centers in Los Angeles

There is no upside to trying to live with an addiction. Eventually, the walls are going to come crumbling down around you, leaving your life and relationships in total disarray. The question is, “are you prepared for the inevitable?” There is good news. One of our Haven House Treatment Centers in Los Angeles will be proud to offer you the addiction treatment you need.

For your part, you need to come to grips with the reality you have an insidious disease. This isn’t something that’s going away if you take two aspirins. When you are ready to face squarely the fact you need help, our addiction treatment centers in Los Angeles will be ready to give you that help.


The Addiction Treatment Process

If you have never been through treatment for an addiction, it’s reasonable you won’t know what to expect. Success is going to depend on your willingness and ability to be open and honest about your disease. A treatment addiction center is there to help you find the road to recovery. With hard work and focus, you have every reason to believe you can reclaim your life from the cycle of addiction.

Upon entering one of our local treatment centers, you will be interviewed by one of our licensed clinical staffers. Our staff is highly educated in the field of treating addictions. They are also committed to helping clients get back to a normal way of living through a predetermined process. It’s a three step process.


Depending on the facts about your addiction, there’s a good chance you will need to spend time in our medically monitored detox program. A deep-rooted addiction to substances like heroin is going to have control over your mind and body. Under the care of our medical staff, you will have the opportunity to deal with withdrawal symptoms in a safe and secure environment. Ultimately, we have designed the detox process to prepare you for the rigors of therapy and counseling.

Therapy & Counseling

With our centers for addiction in Los Angeles, the heart of treatment is going to lie within the therapy and counseling process. It’s here that the real work begins. Remember, your ability to heal depends on your ability to be open and honest with our professional counselors and clinicians.

Counseling and therapy can be delivered within a variety of different programs. In most cases, inpatient rehab Los Angeles is going to be preferred. Residential treatment centers in Los Angeles provide 24/7 care for at least a month. During this time, you will be asked to explore the root causes of your addiction. While some experts might disagree, it really is necessary to understand the whys. It’s only through this understanding that the proper coping skills can be developed to help combat relapses in the future.

When inpatient care poses potential personal inconveniences or is deemed unnecessary, an outpatient drug rehab in Los Angeles might be best. In a regular outpatient program, clients are required to attend counseling sessions (individual and group) at predetermined times. As long as the client remains compliant and makes good progress towards recovery, this kind of program will work. In some cases, we might suggest an intensive outpatient program (IOP). Within this type of program, the client will spend several hours a day at one of our addiction treatment centers in Los Angeles where they will undergo intensive therapy.

As another option, we are acutely aware of the fact some clients enter a Los Angeles drug treatment center at a time when possible psychological problems may be evident. In these cases, we are prepared to offer dual diagnosis treatment. Much like a psychiatric hospital in Los Angeles, we would offer psychiatric care at the same time we are providing therapy and counseling for the addiction. This would be necessary because dealing with one condition and not the other is the surest way to cause a relapse.

When therapy and counseling have been completed, there’s still work to be done. That brings us to the third step in the treatment process.

Aftercare Programs​

Our addiction treatment centers in Los Angeles have a responsibility to make sure each client leaves rehab on firm footing. In some cases, the client is a little unsure about their ability to walk the narrow path of recovery without a safety net. It’s for this reason that we like to make sure all recovering clients have access to aftercare programs.

Aftercare programs are considered resources the client can use when temptation comes calling. A good 12-Step program is a great place to build a support group that has the ability to lend help when things get a little shaky. There’s truly nothing more fulfilling than seeing one recovering addict helping another.

Perhaps the scariest part about leaving rehab is having to face personal responsibilities. A sober living home is a great place for someone in recovery to stay while they re-acclimate to a life without drugs or alcohol. As they mend and gain confidence in their ability to live life on life’s terms, they can take on more responsibilities until they are ready to fly solo.

During the worst of times, our drug rehabilitation centers in Los Angeles can provide continuing counseling on an outpatient basis. Aftercare counseling provides a great opportunity to let our counselors take a look under the hood and make sure everything is still headed in the right direction.

At no time does Haven House Treatment Centers expect you to walk the road to recovery alone. By providing the right kind of treatment and care, we are confident you can beat your addiction and get back to living the life you deserve.